Surprises have arrived! Stream everything to everywhere for everybody!


Stream everything to everywhere for everybody! : No matter what your plan is, now you can stream your music and videos to your computer. Virtually all streamable files are supported: MP3, AVI, MKV, DIVX, MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, JPEG, PNG, GIF ... (yes, you can see your photos too without downloading them) Just click the Stream button and you will see everything. And to hear everything, just use the player appearing next to your file so you can listen to other tracks without changing the page.

Stream everything to everywhere for everybody! : Another streaming function, but for your devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phones; game consoles such as PS3 and Internet-enabled media players. Click the "Stream" button for HTML5 supporting devices, and Stream for devices button for all others! Remember that your device may not support all files. (iDevices only support MP3, MP4 and MOV files, for example)

Stream everything to everywhere for everybody! : Not only you, but your friends can also stream your photo,music and videos! Click the share button to get a link and send it your friends. And not only the ones you downloaded - you can upload files directly through FTP and share them too!

And since we have changed the system completely, both the interface and transfers (downloads and uploads) are faster, as many of you already experienced.

You can see the buttons here: Share, Stream, Stream for Devices, Download as TXT, Download and Delete: stream, download and share

We will appreciate all your feedbacks from "You guys are so awesome!" to "Hey, did you just change the share feature? What about adding this...?". Don't hesistate to contact us about anything.


Changing The Systems


We have been building up a few surprises for you, and they are very close. However, for these new features, we also decided to change the systems alltogether. If you experience any issues during the transition, let us know.


Campaign For New Users - Become a Fan


After existing users*, we prepared a campaign for new users: like us on facebook and/or follow us on twitter, sign up and we will DOUBLE your storage space! Don't forget to post on our wall or tweet to @peerharbor so we will make the changes.

Here are the links to the our pages:


*Blog post about the campaign for existing users is removed to avoid confusion. Details are the same: like or follow and send a message, and you shall receive!


Major Updates 


We made a few updates. Most important is downloading torrents by pasting their links is improved. Now, you can copy and paste torrent links from almost any site, with private tracker support. Add your membership details of your private tracker using cookie information (not necessary for public sites) and start downloading. You can add your cookies and learn more through "my profile" link above. Another update is about There were connection problems to Demonoid, but now it's fixed and you can start downloading torrents from Demonoid. (by using our proxy or pasting torrent links as described above) You should remember to use "Run Transfer (Advanvced)" and select "Download Some" for Demonoid. "Download All" option (which is used by Run Transfer (Quick)) is not supported.

Don' forget to check out our updated screenshots page - you can learn how to do almost anything:


A Small Fix 


Some users were experiencing a small problem with the free storage spaces shown on the front page. It's fixed now. You may need to log out and back in to get the solution.


The Fix and the Storage Bar


There was a minor problem with the update we informed you a few days ago. If you experienced it, you should know that it's already fixed. Let us know if you have any problems.

And today, the storage bar came. Now you can see how much storage left on the homepage.


A Lot of Changes


As you might have already noticed, we made a lot of changes:

Most important of all was the change to the downloads. (from PeerHarbor to you) They are even faster and the speed got more stable. And they will stay this way!

Another important change was about storage quotas. They are a lot more flexible now. You can start torrents that are bigger than your current package in total, as long as you have enough space.

Embedded Search: Some old and unpopular sites are removed, and some are fixed. Now you can search the biggest torrent site, The Pirate Bay, right from your home page. You can browse through the most popular torrents of TPB by genre too. Also remember that if your ISP is blocking sites (for example, TPB), you can access it through our proxy.

RSS Feeds: RSS Feeds are changed. The top feed is created by us : it shows the most popular torrents available on The Pirate Bay (with the number of seeders and leechers they have) and the second one does the same thing for BTjunkie. Other feeds list the newest torrents.

Home page: The home page is now much more responsive and you will receive updates about your transfers as planned. There are also other pretty interface changes, you might need to log out and login back to experience.


Here Comes the Updates


We got a few requests for FTP, so here it is: you can now connect and download over (new address is for all users, as mentioned in more recent posts), with the same username and password you use for web access! If you change your password on the web, FTP password will automatically change as well.

The new download system over "directory" page is also available. It's easy and working fast.  It supports resuming downloads and download managers. (download as Zip functions doesn't support download managers)

There were a few users that uploaded multiple torrents, but the torrents got stuck. If you have any torrents in the "waiting" status, start them manually.

Contact us if you have any problems or see any bugs.