PeerHarbor Monthly Storage Plans

Double the storage, double the fun! Follow us on facebook. or twitter, sign up, and we will double your storage space! You have UNLIMITED bandwidth as always. Read the details on our blog.

Unlimited Downloads with All Plans


  • There is no bandwidth limitation for downloads - you can download as much as you like.*

  • To subscribe, select the plan you want and use the buttons above.

  • You will be redirected to PayPal for a monthly subscription creation.

  • If you want a special plan with more storage space, contact us.


     * Download speeds are only limited by your connection speed, we put no bandwidth limits or quotas for downloads. Plans only define the size of your storage space you can use in PeerHarbor. Even with a 10 GB plan, you can download 10 GB (or more) of files from BitTorrent to your storage space in PeerHarbor, download them to your computer, delete them, and download another 10 GB in the same day and every other day during your subscription. (We get a lot of questions regarding this, hence the detailed explanation)