Tutorial and Screenshots

Click on the images and cycle through the image sets using the buttons on the images for visual instructions and to see how easy it is using PeerHarbor.

Uploading and Running a Torrent




 Downloading with Download Managers (FlashGet)


With our new download system, you don't need to go to another page for fast, resuming downloads, and you don't even need to configure your download manager, not even for username and password. Just right click the file you want to download, and select the option automatically lets your download manager download.




 Running Torrents from Private Trackers and Selective Downloading


You can download and seed torrents from Private Trackers. If your tracker uses Authentication by IP (such as Demonoid), you can use our proxy to connect and download from your private tracker's website. Alternatively, you can enter your cookie information and download your torrent just by copying and pasting its link.

Just for Demonoid, keep in mind that you should use "Download Some" option as it's optimized for Demonoid.






 Downloading with Download Managers (Internet Download Manager)




 Downloading with Internet Explorer




 Downloading with FTP (FileZilla)


Downloading with FTP got easier too. You don't need to configure your FTP client - our system is compatible to virtually all clients' default options. Just enter peerharbor.com for address, the same username and password you're using for web login, and connect.