Frequently Asked Questions



           1. Really no downloading limit?

           Yes, there is no downloading limit on either plans.


           2. What is the speed limit on the downloads?

           There are no speed limits. Only your bandwidth is the limit, so if you have a fast broadband connection, you can download at even more than 10 MB/s!


           3. Can i use download managers like Flashget, Free Download Manager, IDM?

           Yes, PeerHarbor supports download managers. You can pause and resume your downloads, and use multiple connections to boost your speed. FTP is also supported.


           4. I subscribed,now what?

           You will be automatically redirected from PayPal to our registration page. Enter a username and password, and start downloading! No waiting period, no "we are setting up your account" for days. No setup fee either. 


           5. Can i pick and download only some files of a torrent?

           Yes, we support selective downloading, so you can download only the files you want of a torrent - such as the only book you want of a huge book list, or only one song from a discography.


           6. Can i run another torrent while i'm seeding?

           Yes, you can run three torrents simultaneously, so you can download and seed at the same time.


           7. I started with a smaller plan and now i want to upgrade. What should i do?

           Just click on the new package you want, and PayPal will offer options for upgrading your plan and creating a new subscription. The upgrade will take effect on the next billing cycle.


           8. Do you offer plans more than 30 GB of storage?

           Yes, as we stated on the Sign up page, contact us and we'll prepare a bigger plan for you, as much as you like. Even Terabytes - Thousands of Gigabytes!


           9. Can i shut down my computer while my account is downloading / uploading (seeding)?

           Yes, of course you can. Green downloading!


           10. Can i use my account for seeding, so i can keep up a good share / seed ratio on private tracker?

           Yes, we have clients with even 5000% ratios on some torrents.


           11. Is there a minimum subscription obligation (like 6 months - 1 year at least) ?

            No, payments are monthly. You can cancel your subscription when you want, and your account will automatically expire.


           12. Hey, wait, where are the ads?

            Yes, as you noticed, we're not bothering you with any ads


           13. Didn't you have free accounts ? ( When you were Torrent 2 FTP )

            Yes, we had, but we have no free account options available anymore.


           14. What software are you using as BitTorrent client?

           We are using multiple clients such as BitTornado and Transmission, modified by us.