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What is PeerHarbor?

PeerHarbor helps you download and upload (leech and seed) files on BitTorrent remotely and much more efficiently - without running a BitTorrent client and connecting to the network.

How does PeerHarbor work?

Instead of you, we connect to the BitTorrent network,download and host the file in our system, so you can download directly (over HTTP or FTP) much more easily and even more quickly.

What is PeerHarbor for?


  •     Download files from BitTorrent incredibly fast
  •     Connect to both Public and Private Trackers and Torrent Sites
  •     Seed your torrents for long periods of time
  •     Stream : Instantly watch your videos and listen to your music online
  •     Bypass ISP (hotspot,school,work) restrictions
  •     Escape from complicated BitTorrent client,firewall and router settings
  •     Be sure of successful downloads
  •     Use your broadband to the maximum
  •     Protect your online identity
  •     Stop uploading(we can upload (seed) for you)
  •     Backup and store your files